Abhik Banerjee

An expert with magical hands, approachable personality offering top notch facility at this clinic. Very satisfying indeed.

Swapna Naskar

Really excellent doctor. I am spellbound for his treatment, patience above all behaviour.He is God for our family. God bless our doctor babu.

Akash Chakraborty

Nice doctor and cooperative staffs .I am very much pleased by their service. I strongly recommend Dr.Arindam Dutta for any urological disorders. Moreover, Mr Chatterjee and other staffs are very cooperative regarding insurance issues and others. Thanks.

Nilanjan Ghosh

I went to Dr Arindam Dutta with severe urinal issues. He explained what has happened with clarity and took care of it. I recommend this doc. Consult him for any urological issues.

Abinash Chatterjee

Dr Dutta is a truly experienced urologist in kolkata area. i would say he is a super skilled uro surgeon who handles urological complications with confidence.

Abir Mondal

I thank Dr Arindam Dutta from the core of my heart for his exclusive treatment procedure.His treatment is the reason i am living a happy life. Visit his clinic without a second thought.